Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Educaching Geocoin travels!

Well, it may not have traveled far (only 875 miles) and it may not have made it to many states in America yet (only 3), but the Educaching Team is still proud of our little guy! The first official Educaching Geocoin has been rounding our little midwest area over the past couple years ever since it was born.

Learn about its travels here.

Being passed from cache to cache by ever-vigilant geocachers, travel bugs and coins like ours can really rack up the miles while making it fun for cache finders all over. The gist is to move them as soon as you find them!

Here are the links to a couple more travel bugs of mine that have been a little more successful in their travels (although they are lost now):

Emily's Egyptian Bug
Goal: The mission of this travel bug is to take a tired, worn-out camel to Egypt where it belongs. A class in Ohio is watching its whereabouts, so please move along soon. Please take pictures of my journey along the way! P.S. I need to get to the great pyramids!
Current Status: Missing in action
Distance Traveled: 1,166 miles

Ben's Italian Bug
Mission: The goal of this bug is to travel as far east as possible this year from Ohio. Its end goal is to reside in Rome, Italy. Please send on quickly, as some 5th graders are eager to see its travels this school year. Take pictures, too!
Current Status: Also missing

Distance Traveled: 1,643 miles

In a previous post, I featured an activity page for you to use with your students to brainstorm ideas for a travel bug/geocoin's mission. Feel free to copy and use this as you wish (see below), and good luck in your endeavors to send out your own trackables! For more information on trackables, visit here.

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