Friday, July 1, 2011

Educaching hits Philly!

What an exciting time we had at the ISTE 2011 Conference! I had the privilege to work with a tremendous group of educators from all over the world. The session was called Digital Pirates, which is one I have taught before, but this was a 3 hour, hands-on workshop. We used this longer chunk of time to go find geocaches in downtown Philadelphia. This was exciting, because it gave everyone the opportunity to fully understand the reason why students would love using GPS in education. If you are an instructor or educator who teaches other adults about GPS in education, I highly recommend conducting a workshop of at least 3 hours! Do not worry about filling the goes too quickly. Contact me if you need materials or support, or just browse this blog for ideas and resources. The pictures below show the ISTE educators on their geocaching hunt.

 The Black Sculpture (GC2572H)...Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, anyone? A tiny nanocache was hidden on this piece of art.

This cache under the stairs was no match for our team! Love Me, Love Me (GC2W856) was the name of this tricky microcache.

 We used the Geomate.jr receivers...satellite reception was a challenge due to the skyscrapers, but it didn't stop us from a successful treasure hunt!