Thursday, November 29, 2012

Geocaching and Education, part 8 - Great Hiding Spots

This is post #8 in a series of free resources for educators interested in using geocaching in education and other community groups like scouts or camps. The material is pulled directly from Educaching GPS Based Curriculum for Teachers. If interested in more resources, check out

Jason and The Educaching Team

Great Hiding Spots

      Before hiding anything on your school grounds or campus, it is a good idea to take a google map printout or Sketch the layout of your school campus on a sheet of paper. It is easy for me to forget hiding spots a few days later, but when I see them on a hand drawn map, it usually jogs my memory. Once you have a map, walk around and observe your area including buildings, fields, playgrounds, trees, shrubs, signs, and other pertinent landmarks. Take note of large hiding areas first. This will be helpful later on if you want to do multiple hunts one day...different hunting areas (with at least 10-20 hiding spots each) can provide variety for a group that you want to take out at different points throughout the year.

      Now, mark or highlight the places on your map that would make the best hiding spots for items. Pretend you are hosting an Easter Egg hunt. Where would the best spots be for your students? You want the items to be hidden, but you don’t want them impossible to find. Never bury something. Rather, conceal it with mulch, stones, etc. to “camouflage” it from view. Never cause a student to climb to find something.  

Here are a few ideas of some good hiding spots:

Trees – especially in the knots, holes, or forks where branches spread out, but do not make them climb for it

Shrubs – at the base or nearby…maybe you can use a little mulch to help camouflage something at the base of a shrub

Buildings – anywhere along the perimeter of your school building would be an appropriate place

Landmarks – school signs, playgrounds, flagpoles or other “significant” spots on your school campus

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aligning to Technology Standards

Hello All,
Here are some of the ISTE standards that align while using GPS technology with students. I have highlighted specific strands that definitely fit. This resource should be helpful for those who want to make sure you are teaching technology standards while caching. It should also prove useful if you need to prove the validity of a program or if you are trying to obtain a tech. grant for using GPS.
Jason and the Educaching Team