Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geocaching and Education, part 5 - Must Have vs. Nice to Have

This is post #5 in a series of free resources for educators interested in using geocaching in education and other community groups like scouts or camps. The material is pulled directly from Educaching GPS Based Curriculum for Teachers. If interested in more resources, check out
Jason Hubbard, Author

Okay. Now that you have some of the standard features explained, let’s look at the “Must Have” and the “Nice To Have” features in regard to Educaching.

There are obviously many other features you may deem as “Must Have” or “Nice To Have,” but looking at this from an Educaching point of view, these are a few that stand out. For detailed descriptions, images, and product reviews of receiver models available, do some Internet research or talk with someone who is an avid geocacher. Don't neglect to use online forums, as many have come before you going through the same process. The Geocaching in Education forum at Groundspeak is a great place to start. The time you invest now in your search for the right receivers will help you acquire the right equipment.

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