Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In The Beginning...

It's difficult to describe what GPS looks like in the realm of education without first KNOWING what geocaching is. Geocaching has been described many ways, but I like to refer to one definition I heard: "...using muti-million dollar satellites to locate Tupperware in the woods." Geocaching, rooted in the grand state of Oregon just at the turn of the century, is a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS devices to look for hidden "caches" all over the world.

Watch this great movie from which explains the whole process:

So...if you haven't tried this out yet...what are you waiting for?! Sign up for a free account and begin geocaching. As an educator, you will immediately see the implications for students. The potential for educational activities developed around a hunt for learning is immense. Search the wealth of geocaches around the world to get a taste of how some amazing educators are setting up learning hunts for anyone to try and conquer.

What are the implications of geocaching 
for your students?

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